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What Are Solar Screens?

       A solar screen is one of the MOST energy efficient products you can purchase for your windows. Glass is the greatest conductor of heat you have on your home. A solar screen is designed to shade your windows, reducing  the amount of heat conducted in. It is one of the only window treatments applied on the outside, so you're stopping the problem before it happens. Making solar screens the most energy efficient product you can buy and more economical than replacing your windows.

      Solar screens are a full length screen that covers the entire exterior glass of your windows and doors. They work 3 different ways:

1. Shading Coefficient: This is the main way a solar screen is measured in heat reduction. They are designed to shade the outside pane of glass, reducing the amount of heat conducted in.

2. Reflectivity: A property of the lighter colors and of the PVC coating on the screens. They reflect the suns rays, reducing the amount of direct heat.

3.Absorption: A property of the darker colors, they absorb the heat and disperse it back into the air, so it's not conducted by the glass.

The following graphs show the amount of BTU's (the measure of heat) conducted through glass, on the different areas of your home. The red line shows the amount of BTU's conducted in on unprotected glass. The blue line shows the amount reduced when a solar screen is applied. Black 90% was used in the demonstration.

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